As multimedia marketing becomes more advanced, real estate firms are looking to showcase properties in as many ways as possible. This both delivers information to the customer more regularly and engages their interest through multiple formats. The only problem with this approach is that everyone else is doing it too; in a crowded inbox or showroom, a traditional medium is not going to cut it. That's where indoor kiosk displays come in.

An indoor kiosk display can be used virtually anywhere! Lobbies, mall centers, busy walk-ways, and trade shows are just a few places for this type of technology to stand out. More often than not, passerby will ignore any paper flyers or wall art. An indoor kiosk, however, has the benefit of being interactive. Information about your brand, your company, and your listings can be engaging instead of being just another boring slideshow.

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Once we caught wind of this amazing technology, WindowAgent took it a step further. As you might have seen previously, RETS integration can be used with touch software to create a stand-alone experience for potential buyers. Putting those features together into a display that can operate anywhere extends your brand even farther. Customers can see properties in your office, online, and where they least expect it thanks to the kiosk.

But, the benefits do not end there. WindowAgent's personalized software and lead capture system lets your indoor kiosk display also utilize your other marketing strategies. Your custom graphics and video content can be put up on the kiosk, and your office can follow-up with potential buyers via text and email. Everything you use for multimedia marketing is instantly available in an interactive format at a single location: anywhere you want.

Standard marketing mediums are fine, but the only way to truly catch a customer's attention is to present something exciting. Indoor kiosk displays do just that with no downsides.

WindowAgent is a web-based software application that is available on various interactive platforms, and is the leader in real estate display technology. With a variety of hardware and software options, WindowAgent offers the most diverse and effective means of showcasing your brand in a public space. Connect to your local MLS, display listings, and get customer interest right from your office window.