About Us

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WindowAgent was founded and designed to be the most advanced Real Estate touch screen experience available. Partnered with the world's leading interactive hardware providers, we offer the most reliable and interactive solutions for through-window touch screens, a wide range of indoor and outdoor kiosks, and other touch devices.

WindowAgent software is designed to capture and generate leads for agents, brokers, and offices. Our software platform is specifically designed to attract, engage, and convert a prospect into a customer. WindowAgent is a multi-sensory, highly engaging experience which places users in the driver's seat and in full control over what they see, what they send to themselves or to social media, and how they move forward with you.

Our product differs from our competitors' products in that we are a full touch screen experience that engages and pulls customers into the software - customers see what they want and directly interact with it just as they do every day on their tablet, cell phone, or touch PC. Other systems present an image and make users shift focus to another input device or button system. This is not only distracting, but seems antiquated compared to the touch devices we use on a day-to-day basis.

Our dedicated team of software engineers, sales staff, and project managers are the most knowledgeable and hands-on people on the planet! We know this software and hardware inside and out, and it is our full-time job to make it work for you. Not only are we there for you when you email or call us, but we also regularly log into the system on a remote basis to provide system updates and ensure your system is working at optimal levels.

With over a decade of hardware and software design, integration, and installation experience, no one is better equipped to work with and for you on your investment in an interactive Real Estate experience - which is why the world's leading Real Estate brands, brokers, and agents are choosing WindowAgent on a daily basis.