Client: Team Bohannon Real Estate

Location: Wesley Chapel, FL

Client Need:
WindowAgent Team Bohannon Real Estate Portrait Indoor Kiosk
Team Bohannon Real Estate‘s management had found an amazing new marketing opportunity. In the city of Wesley Chapel, a new ice rink had just been completed and was accommodating an enormous number of patrons from around the country. A large amount of the traffic would be from the local Tampa area that the firm specifically worked in. Since such a large amount of potential customers would be routinely going to the same location, the firm wanted to station a self-service kiosk at the ice rink. The plan was to provide direct MLS access so patrons could explore the real estate market while waiting for friends or loved ones. The first step was to find a product that could accomplish this.


Luckily, a representative from WindowAgent’s Florida branch provided the information needed. Management was eager to implement an indoor kiosk display within the lobby space that could act as a stand-alone device. Using infrared technology, the display would present users with a highly accurate touch interface in a branded casing. The casing would not only draw attention with a sharp color contrast, but was designed to be resistant to any possible vandalism attempts.

After deciding on the Pro software package, the firm deciding how to best present property categories to customers. The application was setup with multiple navigation buttons that tied directly to search results for new construction homes, pool homes, and luxury homes for easy access. An interactive map was also added in order to give users a visual representation of where each property was in the community. Finally, a custom page showcasing the firm’s primary staff was added to let users know exactly who they would be working with ahead of time.

Current Status:

Team Bohannon Real Estate is only just beginning to see the benefits of WindowAgent. Since the initial installation, the kiosk has undergone numerous adjustments to match management’s vision as closely as possible. Thousands of patrons have streamed through the lobby to enjoy an interactive experience with property searches and dynamic map views. Customers have been especially surprised to see a real estate interface in an ice rink, which only piques their interest. Best of all, any potential leads from interested buyers are saved in the software’s online dashboard for the firm to follow up with later.

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