Client: Parks Realty

Location: Franklin, TN

Client Need:
WindowAgent Parks Realty Landscape In-Window Display
Parks Realty was looking for an interactive touch screen display to use at its busy office storefront in downtown Franklin; something that provided prospective buyers with the ability to search through available real estate with ease. However, the company also wanted to make sure that walk-by-traffic would be able to use the display regardless of whether the office was open or closed. The product needed to be something that could be branded, could engage customers, and could make a return on investment.


After seeing WindowAgent online, the managing broker of Parks Realty immediately thought that the office would be a perfect spot for the technology. Because the office had a large front window, the best solution was to install a 40″ In-Window unit that provided through-the-glass functionality. Despite the window having dual-pane glass, passerby could still utilize the device from outside using ProFoil touch technology. Parks Realty was then able to immediately turn the office into an interactive storefront, while keeping all the sensitive technology safe behind the window. On the outside of the window, technicians applied a layer of Anti-Glare Film to ensure the screen displayed clearly even when in direct sunlight.

For the software application itself, the company decided to go with the Pro software package. This gave the office a wide range of control over how the application searched for properties, and how the application visually appeared on-screen. The application was customized with the Parks Realty brand in mind, and passerby quickly began to enjoy browsing through properties. As customers found homes that interested them, WindowAgent allowed them to send property information via text or email directly from the display. This not only gave a seamless experience to the user, but provided Parks Realty with valuable leads that could lead to a very quick return on investment.

Current Status:

Parks Realty has been using WindowAgent to great effect, and uses the display to do more than simply show properties. Currently, the office is using WindowAgent to both display properties and also give information about public events in the local community. Potential buyers can request information on homes they are interested in, and then immediately see a calendar of upcoming events that bring charm to the area. Best of all, Parks Realty always receives up-to-date information on active listings by having WindowAgent connect to the local MLS board.

We are thrilled with how well WindowAgent has performed for Parks Realty, and users are too! Click here to get a more in-depth look at how WindowAgent is providing a service to the downtown Franklin community.

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