Client: Mary Jane Pastor Realty

Location: Hartsdale, NY

Client Need:
WindowAgent Mary Jane Pastor Realty Landscape In-Window Display
Mary Jane Pastor Realty had created a home-made property slideshow in their window, but it was doing little to grab any attention. The monitor was starting to deteriorate, the pictures were hard to see, and the slideshow itself needed to constantly be updated by hand. The company believed that properties in the small community outside of New York City were great opportunities that needed to be showcased. To accomplish this goal, management began looking for a product that mirrored the current display while also being more something more. A required feature was that it needed to be easy to use, for both the customer and the office. The firm also wanted to prioritize giving the window a clean, professional look in addition to providing something interactive. A basic slideshow wasn’t doing the trick, and it was agreed that the display needed an upgrade.


When WindowAgent offered a free consultation, it quickly became clear that installing an in-window unit was the best possible option. One problem the display originally had was that the morning sun would wash out the picture of the older monitor. But, WindowAgent’s hardware package ensured that the old monitor would be replaced with a new, industrial-grade HDTV. To provide interactivity from the outside, a ProFoil touch foil was installed on the glass. A custom window wrap was also applied to the exterior in order to make the new display stand out from afar.

To keep the new display affordable, the firm decided to go with the Basic software package. A dedicated navigation button was configured to automatically show every local Hartsdale listing in the area. By integrating the display with a RETS feed, property information could be updated in real-time instead of by hand. For any content that required a personal touch, the office could manage the WindowAgent software from anywhere via its online dashboard. This provided the freedom to easily update the display with other property searches that became popular.

Current Status:

Less than a few hours after the installation, Mary Jane Pastor Realty’s new interactive display was already drawing attention. Local residents quickly became intrigued by the updated window, and have continued to show interest in properties they otherwise may not have noticed. Currently, the office is routinely updating the software with cherry-picked Featured Listings that best deliver value for buyers. Management has also been satisfied with the easy-to-use touch interface, and how easy it is for staff to make changes to the software. Not only has the display drawn more traffic, but the brokerage has needed to give a significantly reduced time investment.

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