Client: LA Digs

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client Need:
WindowAgent LA Digs Portrait In-Window Display
Teles Properties’ LA Digs office was in a prime location for walk-by traffic. However, management wanted to make sure that whatever marketing efforts the office used had as much curb appeal as possible. They did not want a standard paper display or basic slideshow. The Los Angeles real estate market was booming, and busy patrons would need a reason to take time out of their day to stop by the office without planning to beforehand.


A quick internet search made it apparent that the office’s front window could certainly do more than hang paper listing flyers. LA Digs improved their curb appeal with an in-window unit, and made sure it was highly visible with a custom window wrap. The firm also invested in anti glare film for the exterior to combat the harsh light hitting the window during the afternoon. This helped ensure that customers would never have a problem seeing the screen.

After deciding on the Pro software package, the application was configured with all the essentials a real estate office would need. A page made exclusively for the office’s featured listings was added, in addition to a search page that accessed the local MLS board database. An interactive map was also setup so that local customers could compare the prices and locations of different neighborhoods. Finally, a contact page and mortgage calculator were configured so each customer had all the information they would need to setup a consultation.

Current Status:

LA Digs has been very happy with the attention WindowAgent has drawn to the office. The firm has continued to fine-tune the property searches available for customers, and has enjoyed the ease with which the application can be customized. The industrial high-bright monitor has also turned the display into an effective digital signage option both during the day and at night.

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