Client: Jackson Hole Real Estate

Location: Jackson Hole, WY

Client Need:
WindowAgent Jackson Hole Real Estate Portrait Wall Kiosk
Jackson Hole Real Estate had become a thriving division of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services’ network. Being located in a popular skiing destination just outside of the Yellowstone National Park gave the office a constant stream of tourists. Because of this, BHHS management wanted a way to capitalize on the potential home buyers who had become enamored with the local property market. Whatever solution the office employed needed to be useful both in the summer and winter months. More importantly, the office believed that having a marketing solution in the outdoors would garner more attention than anything they could provide in the office itself. Management’s ideal scenario was to also find a way to offer a communication channel with agents.


A look at WindowAgent’s hardware catalog immediately drew the firm’s attention. A WindowAgent install technician was also able to share some insight into our outdoor options, and pointed the firm in the direction of an outdoor kiosk. Jackson Hole Real Estate then pointed out that an in-store wall unit would fit the marketing vision much better. After hearing this, WindowAgent drew up plans to mount a variant of an outdoor kiosk directly onto the wall of the building. This kept the style the office was looking for and the interactive technology outside for tourists to more easily see.

To ensure an affordable range of options, the Pro software package was selected for the software application. The application was then configured with a full MLS search and several custom pages in order to integrate with Jackson Hole Real Estate’s existing marketing material. QR codes to different pamphlets and brochures were sprinkled throughout the application in order to push customers towards the company website. A fully interactive agent roster was also created so that customers could reach out directly to the staff member they wanted to work with. Finally, the software was setup with multilingual options in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Current Status:

Jackson Hole Real Estate has been thrilled with how WindowAgent has livened up the area around the office. An unexpected aspect of WindowAgent’s benefit is that the display stays active 24/7, allowing anyone to have constant access to listing and agent information. Hundreds of patrons have streamed through the area to enjoy an interactive experience showcasing the area they have come to love.

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