Client: Glendale Diggs

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Client Need:
WindowAgent Glendale Diggs Landscape In-Window
Glendale, a bustling new art and social district in LA, was now the location of a brand new office for DIGGS. Management was eager to begin establishing a presence in the community, and was specifically looking to do so in as innovative a manner as possible. The firm had always maintained a strong affinity for technology both in its business practices and brand image. After perusing a large number of possible marketing mediums, the company decided on investing in a through-glass touch screen application. This would allow the office to continue using technology to the fullest while also presenting an interesting experience to passerby. The office also wanted to engage customers with local listings as quickly as possible in order to pique their interest.


WindowAgent stood head and shoulders above the competition. While other products required an additional keyboard or interface, our in-window units would operate by touching the screen directly. The dual touch PROFoil cut-down the amount of clutter around the office window and kept the experience intuitive. To get the customer to the display in the first place, a custom window wrap was applied to the exterior and layered with anti-glare film to ensure optimum visibility even in direct sunlight.

The Pro software package was selected to have a variety of features at an affordable price. An interactive map, list of featured properties, and search form were given dedicated navigation buttons for customers to use at their leisure. The app was also updated to have a list of trending searches that differed from what was available on the search form. Finally, a contact form on selling a home was provided so potential sellers could immediately get in touch with the firm.

Current Status:

Glendale Diggs has greatly enjoyed the extra traffic generated by the display. Customers had already begun lining up to use the application within less than an hour of the screen being installed. The display has also generated multiple leads from interested customers that further solidify WindowAgent has a key marketing tool for the firm. During off hours, Glendale Diggs appreciates having the display as a 24/7 source of interaction and digital signage.

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