Client: Donohue Real Estate

Location: North Palm Beach, FL

Client Need:
WindowAgent Donohue Real Estate Landscape In-Window Display
Donohue Real Estate was expanding with a second office in the North Palm Beach area. Being located next to a Carrabba’s Italian Grill gave the company a busy location, and a heavy amount of foot traffic. The managing broker wanted to capitalize on this source of constant passerby while also staying true to the company’s new storefront business model. She needed a product that could keep the office busy in an active market, regardless of whether or not an agent was present.


After doing some research, Donohue Real Estate realized that the office’s large panoramic windows would be a perfect spot for an in-window unit. Using ProFoil touch technology, a 40″ WindowAgent display was mounted inside and setup for use through the building’s single-pane glass. Next, the display was set at eye level and given a custom window wrap on the exterior. This would allow customers from the nearby restaurant to immediately notice the screen, and give the office an eye-catching feature from the street.

After deciding to go with the Pro software package, the company began to personalize the application around what mattered most: their properties. Multiple preset searches were designed to immediately show customers different groups of listings with just a single tap on the screen. An interactive map was also added to the application so that curious buyers could quickly see where each property was in relation to them.

Current Status:

Donohue Real Estate has already noticed the impact of having WindowAgent around constant traffic. Recently, the office began using the software to display both properties and marketing information via promotional videos. By adding window speakers to their display, the company can now deliver a comprehensive multimedia experience by engaging customer’s with sight, sound, and touch. This allows their prospective buyers to have a good idea of what property is right for them before even walking through the door.

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