A large majority of real estate offices use flyers and other forms of in-window marketing to advertise or draw attention to specific listings. While this can look appealing when done properly, the hassle can often be an annoyance. Quality display paper is expensive and listings are constantly being updated or swapped out. After noticing this trend, WindowAgent decided to make a product that could accomplish the same goal, be simpler to manage, and look much better in the process. This became the Digital Lightbox software.

The Digital Lightbox software aims to standardize what many firms consider to be a custom display. When managed through WindowAgent, each application can be linked to an automatically updated MLS data feed. The application is then customized with one of three layouts, a branded background, and a specific pool of properties. The software requires little to no supervision on the part of our clients after being installed. Listings are rotated on a set timer with all the relevant information a prospective buyer might need to become interested. But, the application does not stop there.

digital lightbox layout examples
Coldwell Banker Sunstarr Realty Digital Lightbox Installation

Each Digital Lightbox application can also feature advertisements created by the office. Have a community event or a sponsor you think customers would be interested in? That content can be featured right alongside the properties you are trying to push. This adds an entirely revamped perspective on what a simple window display can show to passerby. Best of all, 90% of this functionality is handled by the application itself. Each installation can handle as much or as little supervision as you want.

If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Lightbox software, please give our staff a call at 1-800-219-4295. You can also start a free 30-day trial using a simpler version by signing up here. Digital signage could not be any easier than with WindowAgent and Digital Lightbox!

WindowAgent is a web-based software application that is available on various interactive platforms, and is the leader in real estate display technology. With a variety of hardware and software options, WindowAgent offers the most diverse and effective means of showcasing your brand in a public space. Connect to your local MLS, display listings, and get customer interest right from your office window.