Businesses have been using technology to increase sales for years, and real estate firms are no exception. Using services such as Zillow or Trulia allows hundreds of people to browse through an office's listings with ease. An amazing feature that this type of service provides is the ability to let customers contact the agent directly. But, what about customers who have a variety of homes they are interested in? This is where digital lead generation truly begins to come into play.

Digital leads are a fantastic resource that provide reliable contact information with little to no effort on the part of the client. The anonymity of digital marketing encourages people to reach out where they otherwise might not during an in-person meeting. Having a consistent stream of digital leads gives staff members an easy way to find interested buyers quickly. Since this had become a crucial need, WindowAgent was designed from the get-go with lead generation and lead capture in mind.

Each personalized application connects directly to our client's MLS board in order to show the most recently posted information. Unlike our competitors, this information can also be sent directly to whoever is viewing the displayed property. By entering a cell phone number, anyone walking by can have all the information on a property they like sent directly to them via text. They can then view this information on their phone when it best suits them.

WindowAgent's digital lead generation potential does not stop there. Customers who request property information via text are also prompted for their name and email address. This not only allows information to be sent via email for ease of use, but provides two-factor authentication for your office. Through the online dashboard tied to the software, each lead is permanently recorded with the contact information and property the customer viewed.

This means that your WindowAgent display can give you direct insight into what your customers are looking for before you even have spoken with them personally. In a busy area, this could lead to hundreds of reliable leads. Just one of those leads turning into a sale instantly puts your office that much further into the black.

windowagent lead capture by text

WindowAgent is a web-based software application that is available on various interactive platforms, and is the leader in real estate display technology. With a variety of hardware and software options, WindowAgent offers the most diverse and effective means of showcasing your brand in a public space. Connect to your local MLS, display listings, and get customer interest right from your office window.