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Storefront marketing and advertising displays and software

Digital Lightbox Software provides an eye-catching and hands-free way for customers to view your office's listings, associated agents, and advertisements!

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Choose it. Use it.

Show off your listings in the manner you prefer. Digital Lightbox comes equipped to display in one of three different formats. Cleanly show off one detailed listing at a time with a landscape or portrait display, or choose to display four properties at once with a portrait display!

Simply Beautiful.

The Digital Lightbox software is able to connect directly to your MLS board's, making sure to keep your display up-to-date.

As a Digital Lightbox client, you can also add or adjust a property from anywhere in the world using our online customer dashboard. All you need to do is have a vision and an internet connection to start taking charge of your display.

Expertly Designed.

The Digital Lightbox display will show off your properties with brilliant colors and high resolution to captivate potential clients as they walk by. The back side of Digital Lightbox has been expertly designed to conceal all cables in the most compact way possible.

Out with the Old.

In a world where technology is booming, the tools we use are becoming smaller, faster, and more efficient. Just as the cell phone you had 7 years ago couldn't keep up with your current needs, that old acrylic display case is not as efficient as it should be. More importantly, however, it requires you to take time out of your day to manually swap out listings. It is time to upgrade.

Digital Lightbox will instantly bring a more modern look to your window. Its bright appearance draws attention to the front of your office and the thin display takes up no unnecessary space. With MLS integration, properties are refreshed automatically meaning there is no more time wasted on changing out paper listings.

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Real Estate Digital Sign Displays

Your Brand. All the Time.

Make Digital Lightbox your 24/7 storefront marketing solution. We will give you a customized header and footer to which you can add your contact information, your logo, and/or other marketing details. Plus, you can upload full screen advertisements that include featured properties, open house schedules, or any other ideas you may have. You can even sell advertisements and load them on your display!

Your Display. Our Software.

Already have you own TV? Wonderful! Our all-inclusive systems handling approach ensures that you won’t have to pay for unnecessary equipment.

Need a display? We’ve got you covered. Digital Lightbox uses only the best, high resolution displays to ensure that your properties look as stunning on screen as they do in person.

Digital Lightbox can provide display hardware and software monthly service agreements.

Cloud Based Software

  • Access anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Manage multiple offices from one location
  • Manage property tags

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

  • Manage listings, agents, tagging feature, customization, and more
  • Adjust slide rotation speed
  • Helpful and friendly customer support

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