Client: The Island Agency

Location: Stonington, ME

Client Need:

WindowAgent The Island Agency Portrait In-Window Display When The Island Agency moved to a new part of town, the company found themselves being exposed to many more walk-by customers. The old location had been harder for pedestrians to immediately notice off of the street, but now the company found itself on a busy thoroughfare with constant traffic. Realizing how much potential business was now available, The Island Agency decided to take full advantage of the change in scenery. The company needed a product that could grab the attention of passerby, effectively use the empty space in the front window, and provide an opportunity to acquire even more business. The company also wanted to highlight its personality and its knowledge of the community in an engaging medium that customers could easily use.


WindowAgent provided the perfect fit for what The Island Agency needed. An In-Window unit was installed to be as visible as possible to people walking by. Despite being situated safely behind the window's glass, the unit could register input from outside by using a ProFoil touch foil system.

The application itself was designed to incorporate live data from the Maine IDX, and to also display information in a manner very much like the office's website. The Island Agency opted for the Pro software package, allowing for the application to be personalized with the company's branding image as closely as possible. The application was also equipped with a submission page that gave users the option to provide information on homes they might want to have listed on the display. With vacation rental management being a large part of The Island Agency's business, this provided a simple way for seasonal homeowners to get in touch with the office's representatives.

Current Status:

Since installing WindowAgent, the company has seen an increase in the amount of walk-in customers, and has followed up with several others via the lead capture system. Not only has the unit gathered a large amount of attention from the community, but customers have even come inside to discuss properties they found using WindowAgent outside. Whenever a customer asks for more information on a property via WindowAgent, the application saves that information for The Island Agency's representatives to review. This has allowed staff members to easily get in touch with exactly what their clients are looking for in a home or vacation rental.

We are more than happy to see The Island Agency's success with WindowAgent, but we aren't the only ones! Check out this article from a local news outlet that found out just how happy The Island Agency is with WindowAgent.

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