Client: First Colorado Land

Location: Salida, CO

Client Need:
WindowAgent First Colorado Land Landscape In-Window Display
The existing digital display setup was not working for First Colorado Land. While the office had already setup several monitors, the building’s unique layout made it difficult for the screens to be mounted close to the window. This resulted in the TV displays being pushed roughly 6 inches from the glass. Glare made any digital content difficult to see, and the displays had little to offer beyond a few fuzzy marketing images. Management did not want the large window space to go to waste. More importantly, the firm wanted to add more utility to their digital displays by providing listing information directly from the local MLS. The hope was that if more people were drawn to the window, more leads would come in for agents. The biggest obstacle was finding a way to get this technology into a viewable range.


Thankfully, WindowAgent had experience dealing with custom installations. A custom mounting solution was manufactured for an in-window unit that would pair nicely with the existing monitors. This allowed the unit to circumvent the odd 6 inch gap, and be directly connected to a dual touch PROFoil. This technology would provide interactivity to keep customer attention long after they walked up. To get the customer to the display in the first place, a custom window wrap was applied to the exterior and layered with anti-glare film to ensure optimum visibility even in direct sunlight.

The Pro software package was selected to have a variety of features at an affordable price. An interactive map, mortgage calculator, and search form were given dedicated navigation buttons for customers to play with at their leisure. The app also was updated to have a company biography and agent roster available to browse. Custom screensaver images were created to show the community’s nicest features or upcoming events.

Current Status:

First Colorado Land has been greatly enjoying the extra traffic generated by the display. Not long after installation, the application was featured in a local news article to spread word to residents about the fun addition to the office’s window. The display has also been able to generate multiple leads from interested buyers that further solidify WindowAgent has a key marketing tool for First Colorado Land.

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