Client: Exclusively Baronoff Realty

Location: Miami Beach, FL

Client Need:
WindowAgent Exclusively Baronoff Realty Portrait Indoor Kiosk
Exclusively Baronoff Realty needed a way to capitalize on foot traffic. Being located in the lobby of the Miami Beach Trump Tower gave the firm access to a large and steady flow of visitors who were looking for a place to stay. People from around the world became potential clients as soon as they walked through the door. While a large team of agents was keeping up with demand during the day, management was acutely aware of how much potential business was being missed after closing time. Customers were in need of information at a moment’s notice, regardless of what time it was. More importantly, this information needed to be easily accessible and stand-out in the busy location.


The company very soon discovered that WindowAgent was the best possible choice for their needs. With a variety of hardware options available, management was eager to implement an indoor kiosk display within the lobby space. Using infrared technology, the 42″ display would present users with a highly accurate touch interface in a sleek casing. This casing allowed the company to move the display anywhere without affecting the performance of the software application.

After deciding on the Pro software package, the firm also opted to make use of WindowAgent’s multilingual features for the application. This allowed any custom content to be dynamically translated to a customer’s preference. A fully interactive agent roster was also added to the application software with specific language information for each agent. Providing this information would allow international clients to know exactly who in the firm would be easiest for them to work with before even talking to an employee. In addition, a contact form was provided in case a local home owner wanted to have their residence appraised before selling.

Current Status:

Exclusively Baronoff Realty has greatly enjoyed the increased lead generation the indoor kiosk has provided. Individual agents are happy to know that their contact information is constantly available to guest, and management is satisfied knowing that no hour of the day is wasted. The firm has a whole is also pleased with the ease the application can be updated. As the real estate market of Miami continually shifts, different areas become more popular and can be given more attention within a few minutes via the software’s online dashboard.

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