Client: Coldwell Banker Grand Rapids

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Client Need:
WindowAgent Coldwell Banker Grand Rapids Landscape In-Window Display
The Coldwell Banker Grand Rapids office believed from the beginning that it was a perfect fit for an interactive real estate experience. Located in the busy downtown area of Grand Rapids, this particular location was situated directly next door to a large event hall. Everything was set up superbly for capturing foot traffic and passerby attention. However, there was one problem: the building used dual-pane glass for insulation. Management was nervous about whether the extra distance from the outside to a display would negatively affect any touch-based marketing. The idea sounded amazing in theory, but also sounded difficult to implement.


Not long after this dilemma came to light, the company found some information on WindowAgent. A quick consultation revealed that dual-pane glass was not going to be an issue. Thanks to the advanced PROFoil technology in WindowAgent’s hardware, the freshly installed in-window unit was able to pick up user input with ease despite the dual-pane glass. WindowAgent’s hardware package provided a new, industrial-grade HDTV to make the display bright and easy to view. A custom window wrap was also applied to the exterior in order to make the new display stand out from afar.

After deciding on the Pro software package, the firm setup a dual MLS feed for the application. This allowed the firm to display local listings and beach front listings from a sister office in Florida. A dedicated navigation button was made for both sets of properties so that customers could quickly see the most recent additions. Featured properties were also given a dedicated navigation button, and a mortgage calculator was included in the main menu for easy access. Custom screensaver images were also created as advertisements for when the display was not immediately being used.

Current Status:

Coldwell Banker Grand Rapids has been greatly enjoying the extra attention the display brings to the office.  Compared to other forms of digital signage on the street, WindowAgent draws a much more regular crowd. The display’s online dashboard has allowed staff to regularly update MLS searches with popular search criteria. Customers have also enjoyed being able to see properties in a warmer climate that they may be interested in as a second home.

WindowAgent is a web-based software application that is available on various interactive platforms, and is the leader in real estate display technology. With a variety of hardware and software options, WindowAgent offers the most diverse and effective means of showcasing your brand in a public space. Connect to your local MLS, display listings, and get customer interest right from your office window.