Client: Carpenter Realtors

Location: Zionsville, IN

Client Need:
WindowAgent Carpenter Realtors Portrait In-Window
Carpenter Realtors was looking to not only improve marketing, but to provide a service. The rural area of Zionsville was brimming with real estate opportunities. However, as wonderful as the local properties were, buyers had a difficult time knowing where to even begin to look. The firm wanted to provide something that would let shoppers easily find homes while promoting the company brand. After over a year of searching, management wanted something that provided some sort of touch application in a turn-key package. Adding this sort of peripheral would give the office an attraction that nothing else in Zionsville could deliver.


The search eventually led management to WindowAgent. Office staff loved the idea of an in-window unit that would let customers browse properties right outside the office. A 40″ monitor was mounted in the portrait orientation to make use of as much space in the front window as possible. When technicians found that the window was dual-pane, a high-end PROFoil was also installed. This would allow the touch interface to work seamlessly despite the increased barrier. Finally, a custom window wrap was applied outside to draw attention from passerby.

The Pro software package was selected in order to provide a variety of options for users. The application was configured with a full MLS search and several custom pages that advertised how to partner with the company. Another page featuring a fully interactive agent roster was added, as well as a contact form for people interested in selling their home. Any property leads generated by the display were then set to be forwarded to the firm’s client services department. Doing so enabled trained professionals to always have immediate access to any information provided by potential clients.

Current Status:

Carpenter Realtors has been thrilled with the response to WindowAgent in the area. As interest in the display has grown, agents have continued adding preset search options for customers to quickly browse. No matter how rural a property may be, customers can always be directed to it easily from the search page. An additional interactive map for each listing has also been instrumental in users immediately knowing where a property is located.

WindowAgent is a web-based software application that is available on various interactive platforms, and is the leader in real estate display technology. With a variety of hardware and software options, WindowAgent offers the most diverse and effective means of showcasing your brand in a public space. Connect to your local MLS, display listings, and get customer interest right from your office window.