Client: Canter Companies

Location: San Diego, CA

Client Need:

WindowAgent Canter Companies Portrait In-Window Display The Canter Companies Brokerage was thriving with 3 different offices in San Diego. The brokerage's Downtown office in particular was seeing a steady stream of clients, but management wanted to expand on how the firm reached out to new customers. Traditional print media wasn't going to cut it; whatever route the firm was going to take needed to be fresh and user-friendly. It needed to grab people's attention, broadcast an innovative presence, and provide a solid ROI.


The Canter Brokerage ultimately decided to combine it's newfound marketing need with an existing need. The Downtown office distinguished itself by having a large section of large windows, and the space was being under-utilized. A WindowAgent in-window unit was installed to be an eye-catching feature to people walking by. Despite being situated safely behind the window's glass, the unit could register input from outside by using a ProFoil touch foil system.

As for the software, the application was personalized with the overall goal of being as accessible as possible. The main user interface was configured to utilize multilingual options to display in either English or Spanish, depending on the user's preference. The firm also opted for the iPad application, giving the busy office another tool at it's disposal for rushed days. Preset property searches and an interactive map were included to give customers a range of options.

Current Status:

Since installing WindowAgent, the brokerage has been thrilled with how easy the software is to use. Customers are able to effortlessly view local listings, share them on social media, and see promotional videos from the same display. With the addition of the iPad application, customers that walk in are also delighted to find a miniature version of the display they were just using. As for Canter Companies' need for a solid ROI, each property lead from an interested buyer is saved for their representatives to review. This has allowed staff members to easily get in touch with exactly what their clients are looking for in a San Diego home.

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