Client: Barbagelata Real Estate

Location: San Francisco, CA

Client Need:
WindowAgent Barbagelata Real Estate Landscape In-Window
Barbagelata Real Estate was one of the most recognizable brokerages in San Francisco. Situated in a boutique office near the Golden Gate Bridge, the firm’s latest location was still catching its stride. This office was a satellite and not manned by staff every day. Management wanted to present the office as cutting edge, progressive, and ready for business 24/7 without needing to send agents over consistently. Despite touch technology and integrated MLS functionality being relatively new, both options were something the firm needed to achieve its vision. The only difficultly was finding something that could provide both of these features in a way customers could use when nobody was present. This led the firm to look at through-glass technology.


WindowAgent soon proved to be the best possible option. The firm quickly began the process of installing an in-window unit that would operate by touching the screen directly. Using a dual touch PROFoil allowed the display to work from outside while keeping all the sensitive technology safely behind the glass. A rear projection format was chosen for its uniqueness and eye-catching look in the window.

The Pro software package was then selected to have a variety of features at an affordable price. A mortgage calculator, list of featured properties, and variety of preset search options were given dedicated navigation buttons for customers to use at their leisure. The firm also invested in a two-part “About Us” page to showcase the company’s lineage. One section spoke to how the firm was founded, while another gave information on each agent customers could contact.

Current Status:

Barbagelata Real Estate has been enjoying the benefits of WindowAgent for nearly 5 years! The display began to work so well for the company that a second in-window unit was installed at the firm’s main location. Even after the projector had exceeded its lifespan, the firm continued to use their display by re-purposing it with a flat-panel monitor. WindowAgent has become a key marketing tool in the brokerage’s portfolio. Don’t believe us? See for yourself by hearing about how helpful the display has been from a Barbagelata Real Estate broker!

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